Full frontal photo of Hasmik Galystan, EIFL Copyright Coordinator in Armenia holding EIFL publication 'Copyright for Librarians'. Hasmik is standing in front of library shelves where she works at the American University of Armenia.
Hasmik Galystan, EIFL Copyright Coordinator in Armenia.


In a fast-moving digital environment, librarians in developing and transition countries need to be informed about legislative and policy developments concerning copyright and related issues in order to best serve their library users.

To meet this professional need, the Copyright and Libraries programme (known as EIFL-IP) produces a wide range of resources including practical guides, handbooks, checklists and templates on topical copyright issues that affect libraries. Our materials are open access, available online and have been translated into many languages.

What makes Copyright for Librarians so special – and so uniquely valuable – is that it puts reliable guidance in the framework of a broader analysis of copyright policy, focusing attention on the role that librarians can play. As the book makes clear, library patrons benefit from national laws that balance protection and access, and librarians can help assure that their own national legislation fits this description. This is a book that everyone concerned with the future of libraries everywhere will want to consult again and again in the years to come.    

- Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law, American University Law School



The EIFL Core Library Exceptions Checklist sets out provisions that every copyright law should have to support library activities and services.


EIFL’s Copyright for Librarians - the first open educational resource on copyright for librarians in developing and transition countries - is available online in nine languages and in multiple formats.