EIFL in Croatia

Croatia became an EIFL project country in 2009 with the launch of the European Commission (EC) funded OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) project.

The project, for which EIFL is coordinating activities in 10 Eastern European countries, launched an e-infrastructure and created a network of experts to support researchers in meeting the requirements of the ( EC open access policies (which will make all research funded by the EC open access). ​The EIFL Open Access programme is working in partnership with Ruder Boskovic Institute (RBI).

Read more about the project here.

EIFL is also involved in public library development in Croatia. In 2011 we supported Zagreb City Libraries to address unemployment and digital inclusion issues by introducing an innovative library service for the homeless. Read more about the service here.

In 2014 Rijeka City Library received a grant to pilot an innovative service using 3D printers to engage youth in the process of designing, inventing and creating. Read more about the service here.



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