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17 Jun 2024
EIFL has published a new guide on Rights Retention and Secondary Publishing Rights to support researchers and authors in EIFL partner countries.  (...)
Screenshot from video recording, clockwise from top left, EIFL’s Teresa Hackett introduces speakers Dr Desmond Oriakhogba, Associate Professor, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, Dr John O. Asein, Director-General, Nigerian Copyright Commission, and Jonathan Band PLLC.
24 May 2024
At a recent webinar organized by EIFL in cooperation with the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), experts agreed that Nigeria’s Copyright Act, (...)
Image of the cover of the 2023 EIFL Annual Report, showing an Ugandan mother learning to use a computer, with a child on her lap.
21 May 2024
We are pleased to announce the publication of our 2023 Annual Report, in which we share our achievements and tell the stories of people who have (...)
Graphic showing stages of the bill - from introduction to parliament, to presidential signature.
14 Mar 2024
In a letter to Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, EIFL has urged the President to sign into law the new Copyright (...)
Flag of Thailand
21 Feb 2024
In a public consultation on Thailand’s draft copyright law, EIFL welcomed a proposed amendment that aligns existing copyright exceptions with new (...)
22 Dec 2023
EIFL has written to the National Assembly, one of South Africa’s two Houses of Parliament, expressing concern at apparent delays in the adoption (...)
15 Dec 2023
Senegal adopted its current Copyright Act in 2008. EIFL’s review of the law shows that it contains a rather limited set of exceptions, and there (...)