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10 Mar 2016
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2015 was a busy year for everyone involved in promoting open access (OA) in Serbia, but results were positive, says Milica Ševkušić, EIFL’s OA Country Coordinator in Serbia. Achievements that Serbia’s OA movement can be especially proud of include increases in the quality and quantity of OA content (...)
28 Jan 2016
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Open access – the immediate, online, free and unrestricted availability of research results – is a powerful solution to the barriers that researchers in developing and transition economy countries face in accessing and sharing critical research that can improve people’s lives. In collaboration with (...)
07 Dec 2015
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Over 50 research funders and representatives of research organizations from 15 countries attended workshops in Budapest, Hungary, to revisit the Horizon 2020 open access (OA) mandate, to examine OA policy developments in Europe, and to share examples of best practice in OA policy development and (...)
23 Jul 2015
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Zambia Library Consortium (ZALICO) has launched a national open access (OA) advocacy project that aims to transform Zambia’s research landscape. The project is supported by EIFL, and aims to encourage OA uptake through advocacy, OA policy formulation, and to increase OA publishing in order to (...)
Ján Gondoľ included OA, open data and open education policies in Slovakia’s OGP Action Plan 2015
22 Apr 2015
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Open Government Partnership Initiative (OGP) provides an international platform for domestic reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens. OGP has 65 participating countries, which include among others the following EIFL partner countries: (...)
09 Mar 2015
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EIFL has released a new video that shows the impact of an EIFL Open Access Programme (EIFL-OA) supported project that succeeded in opening up critical research from Kenyan researchers to the world. The video features students, librarians, faculty and research administrator (DVC) from the University (...)
Students from Open Access Nepal and Open Knowledge Nepal with EIFL Open Access Programme Manager Iryna Kuchma pause for a break during Open Access Week 2014.
18 Dec 2014
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​“Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.” With this quote from Robin Morgan – an American poet and political theorist and activist – Roshan Karn, Director of Open Access Nepal, (...)