EIFL Digital Research Literacy Training Programme Outline for Librarians


Digital research literacy comprises the knowledge and skills required to produce quality research outputs in a digital environment. 

To support university and research libraries that are helping researchers and students to produce quality research outputs, EIFL compiled a training programme outline, which is organized according to the research cycle, and held 12 webinars to support use of the training outline. 

We would like to acknowledge all the people, organizations and projects whose resources are included in the outline. Our special thanks go to the staff of the University of Dublin College Library, especially Julia Barrett, who helped us to create this resource.


How can librarians use this resource?

This resource is organized according to the research cycle: Discover, Manage Research Data, Publish, Disseminate and Increase Visibility, and Measure Impact.

Each section gives an overview of the topic, what the trainer should cover, and what the learner should gain by the end of the training. Each topic includes “Resources for facilitators and learners”, with useful material that trainers and learners can use to improve their own knowledge or use in their own training. 

We encourage you to become familiar with this training programme and to adapt and use relevant topics to train librarians, students and researchers. In addition to using the content provided in this training programme, we suggest you follow the recommendations below on how to plan, organize and evaluate your training. 

If you would like to suggest new content and resources for consideration, please contact us at: info@eifl.net 

You can also download a printable version of the EIFL Digital Research Literacy Training Programme Outline for Librarians.


Table of contents

icon - discoverDISCOVER


icon - research daraMANAGE RESEARCH DATA