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flag of Nigeria - 3 vertical bands, green, white, green.
24 Jan 2023
EIFL has written to the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, requesting that he sign the Copyright Bill 2022 (SBs. 688 & 769 (...)
10 Jan 2023
EIFL has renewed its agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP) for access to Oxford Journals and 30 online resources for a further year, until (...)
Participants, facilitators and Vice-Chancellors of Lukenya University (3rd from left, front row) and Pwani University (4th from left, front row) who attended a regional open access workshop organized by KLISC for institutions in Coastal Kenya. The workshop was hosted by Pwani University.
09 Jan 2023
A project supported by EIFL has strengthened understanding of open access publishing at 46 institutions in Kenya. It has led to increased open (...)
15 Dec 2022
EIFL has renewed its agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP) for access to and publishing in open access in Cambridge University Press (...)
Graphic representing open science - an open book with knowledge bubbles emerging from its pages.
14 Dec 2022
Dr Lidia Brito, UNESCO Regional Director for Southern Africa, launched the UNESCO Open Science Toolkit at the Open Science Day (7 December) that (...)
Flag of Ukraine, blue band on gold band.
13 Dec 2022
The Government of Ukraine has approved a National Open Science Action Plan and mandated all Ministries to ensure that it is implemented, and to (...)
Group photo of the participants in the training at AUCA. Photo credit: AUCA PR office (
28 Nov 2022
Universities in Kyrgyzstan have established an Open Access Working Group to promote open access and advance scholarly communication in (...)