OpenAIRE General Assembly
EIFL to participate in the OpenAIRE General Assembly in Paris, France

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Event Date: 09 Dec 2019 - 11 Dec 2019
Paris, France
Logo of the OpenAIRE General Assembly showing a view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Iryna Kuchma, EIFL Open Access Programme Manager, and Gwen Franck, EIFL Open Access Programme Coordinator, will participate in the OpenAIRE General Assembly.

Kuchma will moderate a breakout session on training and support for the OpenAIRE Standing Committee, and a session on training for OpenAIRE Advance

Kuchma and Franck will moderate the meeting of 12 OpenAIRE NOADs (National Open Access Desks) from Eastern Europe.

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EIFL is a partner in the OpenAIRE project.