EIFL webinar: Technology - discovering open access content and exploring legal alternatives to paywalls

Learn how to use free, open source tools like Open Access Button and Unpaywall to find and share open access content


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Webinar: Technology
Joseph McArthur, Director of Open Access Button
June 2018

Joe McArthur (Director of Open Access Button) shows how tools like Open Access Button and Unpaywall work, and how open access (OA) resources can be used in inter-library loan (ILL) systems, link resolvers and library searches. The tools are open source - free and  community-owned:

  • DeliverOA finds self-archived OA versions of articles and delivers them right inside your ILL workflow.
  • EmbedOA provides a search bar that you could add to any of your library webpages and makes it easy for your researchers to discover OA articles before they request interlibrary loans or browse your e-resources pages. No coding is required.
  • OAsheet helps to find OA alternatives for lots of articles at once. You create a spreadsheet with a list of the articles you need, email it to OA Button, and OA Button will send back your spreadsheet with a list of links to the articles they can find OA alternatives for.
  • Put the EmbedOA search bar on your e-resources page.
  • Share DeliverOA and EmbedOA with your Interlibrary Loan teams
  • Promote and use tools like Unpaywall and Open Access Button - demonstrate them in training sessions with students and researchers, and make them visible on your website by putting logos or banners for the tools on your university search engines and websites.