EIFL submission to South Africa’s National Council of Provinces in support of the Copyright Amendment Bill 2017

EIFLdelivers call on the National Council of Provinces to support adoption of the Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 as soon as possible

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Position paper & statement
January 2023

In a submission delivered by hand on Friday (27 January 2023) to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), one of the two Houses of Parliament in South Africa, EIFL urged the NCOP to support adoption of the Copyright Amendment Bill [B13D - 2017] (CAB) as soon as possible. EIFL commended the CAB for representing a fair balance between the interests of rights holders and the public, and for its compliance with the international instruments to which South Africa is a party.

EIFL’s comments noted that the CAB would - 

  • Support online teaching and teaching in the digital age. 
  • Enable libraries and other cultural heritage institutions to preserve South Africa's rich creative expression for future generations, and safeguard it from natural and man-made disasters like floods and fires. 
  • Boost library services to persons with print disabilities by implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities.


The Copyright Amendment Bill [B13D - 2017] (CAB) was passed by the National Assembly, South Africa’s other House, on 1 September 2022. It is now with the National Council of Provinces for a new round of public consultations. The CAB was originally opened for public comment in 2015, and has undergone multiple  rounds of consultation, discussion and drafts (see the CAB's history and timeline). EIFL has made submissions and commented at different stages of the CAB’s progress: