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15 Nov 2013
Utena A&M Miskiniai Public Library’s innovative ‘Play to Study’ project  attracted high-level attention at ICT 2013, Europe’s biggest (...)
12 Sep 2013
From June 17 to 28, 2013, WIPO Member States met in Marrakesh, Morocco for a Diplomatic Conference to conclude a Treaty to facilitate Access to (...)
23 Jul 2013
Kachumbala Area Cooperative Enterprise (KACE) Community Library in Eastern Uganda has received a grant to expand its innovative farmer-to-farmer (...)
28 Jun 2013
Public Library Radislav Nikčević in Jagodina, Serbia, has won a prestigious ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2013, for its AgroLib-Ja (...)
11 Jun 2013
EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Innovation Award winner Public Library ‘Fran Galović’ Koprivnica in Croatia was invited to (...)
23 Apr 2013
Northern Regional Library’s Technology for Maternal Health Project for mothers-to-be in northern Ghana, which was initiated with support from EIFL (...)
21 Mar 2013
Utena 'A. & M. Miskiniai' Public Library in Lithuania has received funding to expand their innovative 'Play to Study' service, which includes (...)