Training content needed on OA, open data and open science
Following a very positive response to FOSTER Call for Training events, Faciliate Open Science Training for European Research (FOSTER) is calling for training content.

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Call for training content

Have you, or your organization, created or repackaged/reused training content (from briefing papers, to presentations, videos, etc) on open access, open data and open science in any language, which can be useful and used in the FOSTER training context?  

We are now calling for the community’s contributions to the identification and mapping of relevant content which can be used for FOSTER training, to equip researchers, project managers, administrators and future trainers with knowledge of the benefits of open science and compliance with the Horizon 2020 Open Access Mandate (Article 29.2 of the model Grant Agreement).

With your help, we want to showcase engaging and instructive training materials and reach out to diverse disciplinary communities and countries in the European Research Area.

We are looking for content that may vary widely both in terms of theme (from general open access advocacy, to discipline specific promotion/training for open science) and format (from individual texts, slides or videos to full packaged training objects or courses).

So, if you have produced, used, or are simply aware of, quality content on open access, open data and open science, and want to give that content a wider audience in collaboration with the FOSTER training programme, please describe it using the form available here

This call for content will remain open during the project’s lifetime.


FOSTER (Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research), an FP7-funded project, aims to support different stakeholders, especially young researchers, in practicing open access, open data sharing and open science.


If you have any questions or need clarifications regarding this call, please contact Ivo Grigorov, ivgr[@]