Journal of Library Innovation publishes EIFL FOSS article
The article 'Increasing Library Usage Through FOSS Solutions: Two Case Studies From Zimbabwe'

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Project staff present FOSS tools that were introduced by the University of Zimbabwe library to better serve visually disabled students and staff.

The ( Journal of Library Innovation has published an article written by EIFL-FOSS Programme Manager Simon Ball and contributing authors Rosalie Lack, Amos Kujenga, Yeukai Chimuka, Tendai Mataranyika and Darlington Musemburi. 

The article ( 'Increasing Library Usage Through FOSS Solutions: Two Case Studies From Zimbabwe' provides an overview of free and open source software (FOSS) and the variety of solutions that libraries are implementing in order to better serve their patrons and more efficiently manage their collections. 

The ( Journal of Library Innovation is a peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing original research, literature reviews, commentaries, case studies, reports on innovative practices, and book, conference and product reviews.

"I am really delighted to have been able to help expose the hard work of these project teams through the Journal of Library Innovation," said Simon Ball.

"FOSS projects are vital in improving library services in developing and transition countries with determined librarians and managers who are prepared to allow their staff to build skills and devote time to FOSS projects," he said.

The article includes two EIFL case studies from academic libraries in Zimbabwe demonstrating how librarians implemented FOSS solutions that allowed these libraries to meet patrons’ needs and increased library usage.

"These case studies go to show how free and open source software can be used to meet real needs in libraries when combined with some hard work and enthusiasm from library staff," Ball noted.

"Hopefully this article will inspire more library staff to use free and open source software to improve the experience of their patrons," Ball concluded.

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