EIFL Public Library Innovation Award / Call closed
EIFL award call for public libraries enabling learning through play / Call closed 14 November 2022

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CALL CLOSED 14 NOVEMBER 2022 - winners to be announced early 2023.

The 16th EIFL Public Library Innovation Award - for public and community libraries in developing and transition countries that enable learning through play - is now open for applications.

This year the award is supported by the LEGO Foundation, as part of the Foundation’s Build a World of Play campaign. The LEGO Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that children globally have every opportunity to learn through play, which develops in them essential skills to thrive in life and reach their full potential. 

With this support, award winners will be invited to attend and contribute to NEXT LIBRARY® 2023, an international gathering of forward-thinking library professionals, innovators and decision-makers organized by Aarhus Public Libraries in Aarhus, Denmark.  

The award for public libraries enabling learning through play seeks to showcase programmes and activities that promote children’s holistic development, unlock essential skills and boost wellbeing for life. 

‘Play’ can mean many kinds of experiences, from play that gives children the freedom to explore and discover with minimal constraints, to play that is more guided or structured. Play can include toys, everyday objects or technology, or take place without any objects, for example, only involving imagination or make-believe. Programmes and activities can include children of any ages and abilities, and can also include other family members, guardians and carers.

Tell us your story and apply for the EIFL Public Library Innovation Award! Applications will be accepted in English, French, Russian and Spanish. The deadline is 14 November 2022


  • Each winner will receive a trophy, and a prize of US$1,500 to be used to further their work in enabling learning through play.
  • A representative from each of the winning libraries will participate in NEXT LIBRARY® 2023 (14 - 16 May 2023), and co-create a session with Aarhus public libraries and LEGO Foundation at the public library and cultural centre, Dokk1, in Aarhus,  Denmark. 
  • International publicity – EIFL will share your story widely through its publicity channels.


English / French / Russian / Spanish

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