Quiet but sure copyright reform in Nigeria?
EIFL’s comments on Nigeria’s Copyright Bill tabled at Senate public hearing in Nigeria

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Desmond Oriakhogba next to a poster advertising the Senate hearing.
Desmond Oriakhogba presented EIFL's comments at the Senate hearing.

On 12th October 2021, EIFL’s comments on Nigeria’s Copyright Bill 2021 (Executive Bill) were presented at a public hearing organized by the Nigerian Senate on two copyright amendment Bills tabled before it. Desmond Oriakhogba, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and Lecturer, Law Faculty, University of Benin, presented EIFL’s comments, as well as comments by the Programme on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP). Afterwards, Desmond Oriakhogba blogged about the hearing, how it went and the next steps in the legal reform process.

Blog title: Nigeria quietly, but surely, embracing balance, openness and flexibility in her copyright regime?

Publication/media outlet:  The IPKat

Date published: October 2021

EIFL project/programme: EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme 

Language of item: English

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