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What are the benefits for EIFL members?

Drafted by Emanuella Giavarra, EIFL's legal adviser and an expert in e-resource licensing, EIFL Model Licences reflect the latest international best practice in the licensing of e-resources.  They incorporate more generous terms and conditions than standard commercial licences, and provide a consistent approach to the access and use of e-resources.

EIFL Model Licences also save our library partners time and money. Why?

  • EIFL Model Licences are drafted as an offer by the publisher to the consortia and/or individual institutions. This means that the publisher does not have to sign the licences. It also means that library consortia and/or individual institutions simply have to complete the one page Acceptance of Licence Form and either fax, email or post it to the publisher.
  • ​Partners can be confident that EIFL Model Licences represent the latest best practice, and also that any modifications which are made during the negotiation of agreements have been approved by EIFL's specialist legal adviser.