Q&A 3 - Grant call: Strengthening no-fee open access publishing in Africa
Third Question Session for African organizations wishing to apply for a grant to strengthen the sustainability of Diamond open access publishing in Africa

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Event Date: 28 May 2024

EIFL, AJOL (African Journals Online) and WACREN (the West and Central African Research and Education Network) have invited African organizations - legal entities that own open access (OA) journals that do not charge any fees for either authors or readers (often referred to as Diamond OA journals), and where editorial teams are based - to participate in the grant call, Strengthening no-fee open access publishing in Africa

The call aims to enhance the quality and strengthen the sustainability of Diamond OA publishing in Africa. It is the first of two open calls for proposals that are part of the three-year Collaboration for sustainable open access publishing in Africa project that was launched in November 2023 with funding from Wellcome. 

The deadline for applying for a grant is 23:59 GMT on 17 June 2024. 

To support organizations in their applications, we have organized five online Question Sessions. If you have any questions about the call - its aims, the eligibility criteria, proposal writing (including work plans and budgets), how to apply, or anything else, please bring them to these sessions. The sessions are open to all potential applicants. 

  • Third Session Date and time: 28 May, 9:00 UTC
  • To register: You can register here

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