Public library training in Namibia
Namibian public library trainers to train their colleagues in library management and new services planning

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Event Date: 16 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019
Windhoek, Namibia
Three public librarians discuss project management during training in Windhoek in February 2019.
Learning about project management: Namibian public librarians take part in training organized by EIFL in Windhoek in February 2019. The trainees will now pass on their knowledge and skills to their colleagues.

Nine public library trainers from Namibia who recently attended EIFL training in library management and planning new services will pass on their knowledge and skills to their colleagues within the Namibia Library and Archives Service (NLAS).

The nine trainers were selected from a group of Namibian librarians chosen to learn training skills as part of a major initiative to build a corps of trainers within the NLAS network of 65 public libraries. The initiative aims to strengthen continued professional development of public librarians in Namibia.

The trainees include public librarians from all of Namibia’s 14 regions, and staff of NLAS. Topics to be covered over the four days are: 

Design Thinking / Managing Change (September 16 and 17). Trainers are Aune Iyambo; Albertina Simwombe; Letta Shivute and  Escorcio Elrico Jacobs.

Project Management / Planning new services (September 18 and 19).Trainers are  Belinda Mbanga Lizazi; Berthold Katora; Hedwich Isaacks; Susan Ndengu and Katrina Shikuni.

EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme Capacity Building Manager Susan Schnuer will work with the trainers, giving feedback and providing further coaching as needed.