Advocacy skills for Namibian librarians
Namibian public library trainers to train their colleagues in advocacy and communications skills

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Event Date: 21 Oct 2019 - 22 Oct 2019
Windhoek, Namibia
A group of trainee trainers learn training skills in a workshop in Namibia.
Learning training skills - public librarians selected to be trainers within the Namibia Library and Archives Service (NLAS) attending EIFL training.

Two public library trainers from Namibia who recently attended EIFL training in advocacy and communications will pass on their knowledge and skills to their colleagues within the Namibia Library and Archives Service (NLAS) network of 65 public libraries.

The newly-skilled trainers are Kastor Kutenda, from Kavango East Region, and Hedwich Isaacks, from Erongo Region. They were selected from a group of Namibian librarians chosen to learn training skills as part of a major initiative to build a corps of trainers within the NLAS network. The initiative aims to strengthen continued professional development of public librarians in Namibia.

The trainees include public librarians from all of Namibia’s 14 regions, and staff of NLAS. The workshop takes place over two days.