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Applied Sciences, Business & Management, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2024

SAGE Research Methods Cases (SRM-C) was launched in June 2014 to complement SAGE Research Methods (SRM). SAGE Research Methods Cases is a a bank of exclusively commissioned case studies showing the challenges and successes of doing research, written by the researchers themselves.

EIFL has licensed the SRM-C Part 1 "basic" collection of 700+ interdisciplinary case studies, updated yearly with at least 30 newly commissioned cases across the social sciences. EIFL has NOT licensed SRM Cases Part 2, which is a closed collection of 1,500 case studies, offering a deeper dive into 6 core disciplines: business, education, health, politics, psychology and sociology. SRM-C Part 2 is an upgrade to SRM-C.

Methodological concepts can often appear rather abstract, particularly to students. By demonstrating how methods have been used in actual projects, the case studies complement theoretical understanding by exploring the difficulties, nuances and real-life decisions that researchers face. Cases can be searched by method, discipline, or academic level. Learning objectives and discussion questions are also available for each case to support teaching and learning.

SAGE Research Methods Cases is available on the same platform as SAGE Research Methods. This means that the two products can be cross-searched simultaneously.  SAGE Research Methods Cases is available as an add-on to SAGE Research Methods and also as a standalone product.

SAGE Research Methods Cases focuses on methodology rather than disciplines so it supports students and researchers across a broad range of subject areas including Business & Management, Counseling, Criminology, Education, Geography, Health & Social Care, Media & Communication, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, and Sociology.

  • Methods map: an interactive visualization of the relationships between methods techniques and approaches, built on a comprehensive bespoke taxonomy and linked to relevant content on the site
  • Personal and public reading lists: users can compile their own lists of materials for later review or to share through the site or via email with their students or peers
  • Project planner: an exclusive tool to guide users through each step of planning their research project by combining brand new instructional content with related content from the site in curated searches
  • Which Stats Test: a resource to help users identify the best statistical method to use on their data, based on a few multiple choice questions. The tool will suggest the best methods to use, then link to related content about those methods on the site
  • Podcasts: in-depth discussions exploring stories from the field, the challenges of social science research, and how we can understand the social world. They can be downloaded to listen on the go, or read along with podcast transcripts