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Free OBP Library Membership for libraries in EIFL partner countries

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General Reference, Humanities, Physical Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2020

EIFL has negotiated free membership of the Open Book Publishers (OBP) Library Membership Progranne for libraries that are members of library consortia in EIFL partner countries. Through this agreement, libraries in EIFL countries can get unlimited free downloads of all 170+ OBP titles.

Anthropology, Archaeology and Religion, Art and Music, Cinema and Photography, Classics Textbooks, Digital Humanities, Economics, Politics and Sociology, Education, Environmental Studies, Health, History and Biography, History of the Book, History of Science, International Relations, Law, Literature, Language and Culture, Mathematics, Media Studies and Journalism
Open Field Guides, Philosophy, Sciences, Theatre, Women and Gender Studies

Benefits of the OPB Membership Programme include:

  • Unlimited free downloads of all published digital editions of OBP titles in PDF, ePub or mobi formats when accessing content through website;
  • Discounts on printed editions of OPB titles purchased by libraries, university staff and students;
  • Discounts on set-up costs for the creation of course packs and other types of customised editions created by mixing and matching content from OBP publications;
  • Permission for libraries to upload any digital edition of an OBP title to the library’s repository or ebook collection, and to keep it permanently;
  • Access to downloadable MARC (machine readable cataloguing) records to integrate e-books into the library catalogue and make them more accessible.​