Taylor & Francis APCs for Open Access Journals

No or discounted Article Processing Charges for authors when publishing in a Taylor & Francis open access journal

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APC for OA publishing
Applied Sciences, Business & Management, Earth Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Physical Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences
31 Dec 2020

Taylor & Francis guarantees no - or heavily reduced - Article Processing Charges (APCs) for authors from EIFL partner countries when they publish in a Taylor & Francis Open Access (OA) journal oe a Cogent OA journal.

  • The agreement is valid for Taylor & Francis and Cogent fully open access titles. The agreement does not include APCs for publishing articles in Open Select (hybrld) journals.
  • A corresponding author must be associated with an institution located in one of the  Eligible EIFL partner countries listed below. 
  • Below are the negotiated discounts: 
    • 100% discount (no article processing charge) for corresponding authors from: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nepal, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe
    • 50% discount for corresponding authors from: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Botswana, Congo, Estonia, Fiji, Georgia, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Maldives, Moldova, Palestine, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine
  • When submitting an article for publication during the online submission process, authors should select “I have another waiver to request or a discount code” and enter the code “EIFL”. (This should be done on the first submission of an article; the system will not give this option if they are re-submitting a revision.) Authors should use their institutional email addresses (where possible) in correspondence with the journal and confirm the main institution they are affiliated with for authentication. 
  • Authors will receive a confirmation of their discount or waiver, and their paper will go through peer review as normal. 
  • Once the paper has been accepted for publication, the waiver or discount on the APC will be applied.

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