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22 Jun 2017
Gwen Franck, EIFL Open Access Programme Coordinator, and former Regional Coordinator/Europe for Creative Commons, and Ilkay Holt, former Creative (...)
11 Apr 2016 - 13 Apr 2016
Four representatives of EIFL and the EIFL eLibrary Myanmar project will attend the 39th UKSG Annual Conference. EIFL eLibrary Myanmar project (...)
28 Jan 2016 - 29 Jan 2016
The EIFL eLibrary Myanmar project will be represented by EIFL project coordinators Myat Sann Nyein and Daw Tin Win Yee at the Marketplace of Ideas (...)
19 Jan 2016
Irakli Garibashvili, Director at the National Scientific Library in Georgia and EIFL Country Coordinator for Georgia, will lead an EIFL webinar to (...)
12 Nov 2015 - 14 Nov 2015
Representatives from EIFL partner consortia and EIFL staff will travel to Riga, Latvia for the 2015 EIFL General Assembly that takes place from 12 (...)
06 Oct 2015
The EIFL Licensing Programme is holding a webinar with guest speaker Dr Jane Secker, who will provide an introduction to digital literacy. Dr Jane (...)
03 Sep 2015
The EIFL Licensing Programme is holding a webinar with guest speakers Cecilia Petersson and Linda Vidlund from Uppsala University Library in (...)