EIFL webinar on Article Level Metrics
Learn about new metrics, especially the Article Level Metrics, and the new ways in which scholarly communication is measured.

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Event Date: 17 Dec 2014

Article-Level Metrics help to measure the impact of research by providing a suite of metrics that measure the overall performance and reach of published research articles. They are a comprehensive set of impact indicators that enable numerous ways to assess and navigate research most relevant to the field itself, including:

  • usage
  • citations
  • social bookmarking and dissemination activity
  • media and blog coverage
  • discussion activity and ratings

Would you like to know more about Article-Level Metrics? Join the EIFL webinar with Martin Fenner and Juan Pablo Alperin.


About the webinar

Martin Fenner (PLOS Article Level Metrics Project) will talk about new metrics, especially the Article Level Metrics, and the new ways in which scholarly communication is measured (which is a basis for research assessment and evaluation). Juan Pablo Alperin with talk about using Article Level Metrics app for OJS journals.

Date: December 17

Time: 14:00 GMT

Target audience: journal editors and publishers, librarians and research administrators.

How to register: please register here.

How to participate: go to http://www.instantpresenter.com/eifl94 and enter this password: EIFL1712

All you will need is an internet-connected computer with sound (and maybe headphones if you are in a busy room).

To check if your computer will be able to access the session successfully, please go to: www.instantpresenter.com/systemtest

Insofar as universities, funding agencies, and research assessment programs need to measure the impact of individual articles, they should use Article-Level Metrics, not journal-level metrics.
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