Open access in Moldova

EIFL’s pioneering support of open access initiatives in Moldova – on a national and institutional level – is improving the visibility of research output from the country

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Participants of a national open access campaign “OA in Moldova” October, 2013.
Participants of a national open access campaign “OA in Moldova” October, 2013.


As a result of the “Optimizing Scholarly Communication in Moldova” project funded by EIFL in 2012, the first open access (OA) policy in the country was adopted by the Senate at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM) and the first OA repository in Moldova was launched at AESM.

Through a variety of promotional activities, over 15,000 faculty, students, research administrators and librarians gained an understanding of and confidence in OA. Read the project case study here. In order to encourage open access in other institutions across the country, there was a need to share this good practice experience from AESM with other universities and encourage them to implement similar institutional projects and formulate a national level approach to open access.


The Library Association from Moldova (LAM) in partnership with Consortium of Electronic Resources for Moldova (REM), Council of Rectors from Moldova, Information Society Development Institute (IDSI), research institutes and universities, publishers of scholarly journals and researchers launched a national OA campaign to enhance access to scientific output, increase their visibility and amplify their impact.


  • Advocating for institutional and national OA policies
  • Setting up institutional OA repositories
  • Promoting OA publishing
  • Developing partnerships to promote OA in academia
  • Training librarians and other stakeholders on OA advocacy


June 2013 - February 2014.


  • Increased awareness. Major universities and institutions of science and innovation in Moldova organized a joint campaign to promote OA among researchers, university staff / managers, publishers, students, librarians and general public. More than 2000 people were reached during a successful national OA campaign and created a wide resonance in the academia and libraries in Moldova.     
  • Initiated national OA policy discussions. Amendments to the National Strategy for Information Society Development in Moldova ( - "Digital Moldova in 2020" have been submitted to include national OA activities and policy provision.     
  • More institutions adopted OA policies. Two institutional OA policies have been adopted: at the National Institute for Economic Research and "Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University.
  • The second university in the country launched an OA institutional repository. Open Research Archive (ORA) USARB at "Alecu Russo" State University from Bălți.     
  • Inspired OA publishing developments. The advocacy campaign helped to release the OA policy of one of the most important scholarly journals in the country - "Economie şi Sociologie" journal. Two journals were registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Research Papers in Economics (REPEC): Economics and Sociology published by the National Institute of Economic Research and "Economy" published by the Academy of Economic Studies.
  • Launched a national bibliometric toolThe National Bibliometric Tool (IBN) at the Information Society Development Institute has been launched – a digital repository that stores, classifies and measures public data on publications in national journals. IBN currently contains over 32,902 scientific articles for the period of 2000-2015.


  • The results of this project will be used to develop a new generation of OA supporters who believe in sustainable development of science and education in Moldova.
  • Nine institutions in Moldova (State University of Medicine and Pharmacy N.Testemitanu" Scientific Medical Library, Moldova State University Central University Library, Technical University of Moldova Scientific University Library, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova Scientific Library, Alecu Russo Balti State University Scientific Library, Chisinau “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University  Scientific University Library, State Agrarian University of Moldova Scientific Agricultural Library, National Council of Student Organizations from Moldova as well as The Ministry of Education of Moldova Higher Education Department) are a part of Tempus funded project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality which started in December 2013. One of the main project objectives is creation of institutional OA repositories for research output and teaching and learning materials. The project will be implemented until November 2016 and we expect to see more OA repositories launched and more OA policies implemented in the country.