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Webinar: New ways to assess the quality of science and scientists / Nouvelles façons d'évaluer la qualité de la science et des scientifiques Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Addressing predatory publishing issues / Aborder les problèmes de publication prédatrice Webinar 2022.
Webinar: OA journal indexing, other publishing platforms / Indexation de revues, autres plateformes de publication Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Copyright and Artificial Intelligence/Text and Data Mining/Big Data in Kenya Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Fair Dealing and other Copyright Exceptions in Kenya Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Open access journals best practices / Meilleures pratiques pour les journaux en libre accès Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Copyright and licensing in open access journals / Droits d'auteur et licences dans les revues en libre accès Webinar 2022.
Webinar: Best practices in editorial processes and publishing for open access journals Webinar 2022.
Webinar: DOAJ introduction and overview / Introduction et vue d'ensemble du DOAJ Webinar 2022.
EIFL Checklist: Good Practices in Using Open Journal Systems Software (OJS) for journal editing and publishing (Version 2) Guide 2021.
EIFL Checklist: How to make your OA Repository Work Really Well (Version 5) Guide 2021.
Planning and Securing Resources — The Data Management Plan Guide 2021.
EIFL’s comments on Namibia’s draft Copyright and Related rights Bill Position paper & statement 2021.
Webinar: Open Access and Books – Emerging New Models and the Global South Webinar 2021.
Ghanaian Authors’ Engagement with EIFL’s Open Access Agreements Case Study 2021.