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World IP Day 2020: Global cultural heritage organizations call for urgent action to help save our cultural heritage (English) Position paper & statement 2020.
EIFL review of Myanmar’s new copyright law (2019) Position paper & statement 2020.
EIFL review of ARIPO’s Model Law on copyright (2019) Position paper & statement 2020.
EIFL webinar: Enrich your DSpace repository with customized tools Webinar 2020.
The EIFL approach to public library innovation - 900 libraries and counting Article 2019.
EIFL checklist: How to make your DSpace open access repository work really well Guide 2019.
Infographic: Overview of copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives in 53 countries in Africa Case Study 2019.
Professional development for young librarians matters! An Initiative for Young African Library Innovators - IYALI Article 2019.
How EIFL’s open science training is advancing openness in science and research Brochure 2018.
Why we have copyright limitations and exceptions Position paper & statement 2019.
Statements by EIFL at WIPO meetings (2019) Position paper & statement 2019.
Zimbabwe: EIFL recommendations for Marrakesh-friendly amendments for copyright law Position paper & statement 2019.
EIFL’s review of Laos’s updated copyright law Position paper & statement 2019.
EIFL comments on South Africa's Copyright Amendment Bill, 2017 Position paper & statement 2019.
How internet access through public libraries helps achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals Position paper & statement 2018.