Country-level e-resources savings and usage statistics - 2017

EIFL’s annual report including statistics and graphs on country-level savings, usage and cost per download

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Usage & savings statistics
December 2017

Each year, EIFL compiles savings and usage statistics for e-resources available through the EIFL Licensing Programme. The annual reports enable you to review the savings made on EIFL-licensed e-resources, and to compare usage statistics and costs per download for different e-resources and across different institutions, during a single year. The reports are produced following extensive liaison with publishers to establish the standard list prices for their e-resources, and the amount for which they invoiced institutions in eligible EIFL countries. We encourage EIFL Country and Licensing coordinators to share country-specific information with members, government ministries and donors to raise awareness about how EIFL-licensed e-resources save costs, and to support fundraising and advocacy initiatives.

Download file

This file contains an Excel spreadsheet with the following reports:

Total savings, number of subscriptions and total usage by country for 2017 compared to 2016 (graphs and numbers)
Number of subscriptions, price paid, and total savings by institution and product for each country for 2013 - 2017
Number of institutions signed up, total usage, and cost per download per institution and product for each country for 2013-2017
The spreadsheet presents information on a number of different worksheets (pages). To view a particular worksheet, click on the relevant tab on the bottom ribbon. 

Because the reports contain commercially sensitive information, we cannot make them available publicly.