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Kenya National Library Service trainers do an exercise with balloons during leadership training in May 2018.
07 Mar 2019 - 08 Mar 2019
Nineteen public librarians selected to be trainers within the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) network will attend a two-day workshop on (...)
04 Mar 2019 - 06 Mar 2019
Seventeen public librarians from 10 libraries in the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) network will attend a three-day workshop on the topics (...)
04 Mar 2019 - 08 Mar 2019
Open Education Week is a celebration of the Open Education Movement, that aims to raise awareness about open education and its impact on teaching (...)
04 Mar 2019 - 05 Mar 2019
Iryna Kuchma, EIFL Open Access Programme Manager, will speak at a workshop for repository administrators and managers from 15 Tanzanian (...)
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26 Feb 2019 - 27 Feb 2019
EIFL Open Access (OA) Programme Manager Iryna Kuchma and EIFL-OA coordinator Gwen Franck will be among facilitators at this two-day interactive (...)
26 Feb 2019
In this webinar hosted by the EIFL Licensing Programme, Simon Inger from Renew Publishing Consultants will be talking about authentication and (...)
25 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019
Seventeen trainers from public libraries in Namibia will attend a four-day EIFL workshop on design thinking for public libraries and project (...)